Breakfast & Brunch Menu

As famous as we are for our lunch and dinner menu, the Even Stevens breakfast and brunch menu has become just as legendary.

Our craft-casual approach has given us a unique take on the traditional morning favorites. Any of our hand-crafted items is sure to satisfy your cravings. Everything on our menu is prepared fresh when you order it, using the highest-quality ingredients. We know you’ll appreciate our obsession with freshness and impeccable quality.

And because we like to think great breakfast food shouldn’t be limited to just the morning hours, you can enjoy all these menu items any time of the day, including afternoon and evening.

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breakfast menu

Breakfast & Brunch Sandwiches

breakfast sandwich & totsWe are famous for our sandwiches, after all, so it makes sense that we offer some of the finest breakfast sandwiches you’ll ever taste.

We start with our fresh, soft Hawaiian bun. We pile on two fresh-cracked eggs — scrambled or over medium, as you like it — and your choice of bacon, sausage, ham or avocado. We finish this picture of perfection with our house-made maple glaze and serve it up with a side of our tasty tots.

If you prefer, ask to have your brekky sandwich prepared on our savory, thick-sliced, gluten-free bread.

Brunch & Breakfast Burritos

graduate breakfast burritoIf you’re craving something a little different from a breakfast sandwich, you’ve come to the right place. Our breakfast burritos are a brunch and breakfast menu favorite.

Order the UNDERGRAD and you’ll find your fresh tortilla stuffed full of eggs, cheddar and your choice of ham, bacon, sausage or avocado. We tuck in a few more secret ingredients (like tots, our house sauce and a dash of zesty sriracha) and serve it with a side of salsa morita.

If you’ve got a bit more of an appetite built up, you can upgrade to the GRAD, which adds spinach, onions and tomatoes to the mix.

More Fresh Brunch & Breakfast Menu Goodness

As for the rest of our all-day morning menu, you’re sure to find at least a few more tasty treats to tempt your tongue.

How about our potato and yam hash, bursting with red quinoa, spinach, white cheddar and fresh eggs? If waffles are more your jam, you’ll have your choice of our classic house waffle — with an optional addition of bananas or fresh berries — or our chicken and waffle.

If you’re channeling your inner hipster, you have to try the avocado toast, with its unique combo of pepitas, tomato jam, arugula and cherry tomatoes. Add an egg for a little extra flavor and protein boost.

Finally, try our chia seed pudding or fresh fruit bowl for that perfect hint of sweetness you know you’re craving.

And don’t worry about getting here at a certain time, because our morning menu is available all day long.