2650 NE University Village St,
Seattle, WA
2.3 Miles
Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm
Sunday Brunch: 9am - 6pm

Get Your Education

Sunshine might be a scarce commodity in the forecast, but not in the University District. Or Seattlites at large. Optimism in this PNW city runs deep - even underground, where Downtown history tours explain the big chances that scrappy Seattleites were willing to wager to make the most of this PNW gem. From 150 years ago, to the tip of the needle today.

Opportunity abounds. But world-class restaurants, cafes, and shopping need not come with pretense. Take a bike ride outside of the shopping center, and you’ll find yourself on famous streets where the “real education” is earned. Keep walking, and you’ll find neighborhoods that thrive and give all at once: from urban garden topped food pantries to youth shelters enthusiastically managed by the teens they serve.

Only getting cooler, Seattle is a community ready to add a few more threads into its fabric. Or hardy waterproof canvas, that is.

Artifacts include art panels by local artists, a pool table, and indigenous Douglas Fir throughout.

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