11 W Boston Street
Chandler, AZ
2.3 Miles
Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm
Sunday Brunch: 9am - 4pm

Is this a dream?

Downtown Chandler just might be. A walkable, talkable, small-town oasis. The kind of place where everyone knows your name - or at the very least, welcomes you in. Chandler is friendly. Chandler is warm. And it feels just right.

When our friends at Peixoto Coffee turned our attention to a chance to fit in, we said…”in.” And we lucked out. Our 16th location occupies the site of the historic Arrow Pharmacy, circa 1918. Owned and operated by John “Doc” Weber, who provided residents with medicine, treats, and soda drinks for nearly 90 years.

Say what you will about the sugar-coated regiment, Chandler remains a healthy and thriving community to this day. Bustling with restaurants, non-profits, Award-winning Arizona craft coffee, and… sandwiches, of course. We never hesitate to keep the dream alive.

And maybe that’s just what the doctor ordered.

Artifacts include the original press tin ceiling, vintage chandeliers, and a mural by Arizona artist Joe Pagac.

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ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth

ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth



Paz de Cristo

Paz de Cristo

Catholic Charities - My Sisters' Place

Catholic Charities - My Sisters' Place


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