Lunch Catering

If you aren’t calling Even Stevens for all your lunch catering needs, are you even living right now?

Take our most amazing menu options to your special event, business function, family get-together or just because. We have perfected the process, packing up the highest-quality craft menu items and making them available for your guests. Whether you need to feed 10 ladies who lunch or 100 hungry lumberjacks, we’ve got you covered.

We offer our lunch catering services in Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah, as well as in Boise, Idaho. When nothing but the best lunch catering will do (but you still have to watch the bottom line), you can’t go wrong with Even Stevens.

Boxed Lunch Catering

Remember your lunch box from fifth grade? Even if you didn’t have one, everybody loves the lunch box concept. You get your own little treasure trove of goodness and you don’t have to share with anybody else — unless you want to, of course.

Our catered boxed lunches can be customized with any of our unique craft sandwich options, including Turkey Day, Sprang Chicken and our perennial favorite, the Do Gouda.

You can choose a half sandwich (or one of our signature salads) or go big with a whole sandwich or salad. Your box also includes chips, a pickle and of course, a cookie. When you’re done with your lunch, you get to give a treat to the environment too, because our lunch boxes are compostable!

boxes banner
breakfast sandwich with fruits
Breakfast Box

Served all day! Choice of breakfast sandwich or burrito. Served with fresh fruit. Serves 1.­

sandwich and chips with a pickle
Half Lunch Box

Choice of half sandwich or half salad. Served with a side of chips, a pickle, and a cookie. Serves 1.­

sandwich and chips with a pickle
Full Lunch Box

Choice of full sandwich or full salad. Served with a side of chips or a side salad, a pickle, and choice of dessert. Serves 1.­

Lunch Platter Catering

If you prefer the simpler, faster family-style approach, choose any of our unique platters for your guests. You can get a platter of halved sandwiches (you get to select your favorites and mix-and-match to your heart’s content) or a heaping platter of your favorite Even Stevens salad — or both.

We also have fresh, beautiful fruit and veggie platters, creamy tomato bisque soup, loaded mac and cheese, house-seasoned black pepper potato chips and taste-tempting desserts to top it all off.

Finally, if you have a craving for breakfast even though it’s lunchtime, you can order any of our breakfast catering items any time of day.

Utah’s Best Lunch Catering (Boise, too!)

The Even Stevens tasty, high-quality catering menu has been helping people liven up their parties and events since we opened our first location in Salt Lake City in 2014.

Everybody says it, but we really are different. We are a team of food-obsessed perfectionists, crafting some of the most creative and delicious menu items you’ll find anywhere in northern Utah or Boise, Idaho. We’re deeply involved in the community and we want nothing more than to make your event memorable with our amazing (and amazingly affordable) food.

Contact us today to learn more, or to place your lunch catering order with any one of our seven Utah locations or our restaurant in Boise, Idaho.