Why Choose Even Stevens for Your Business Catering Needs?

Every business wonders where to turn for tasty, unique catering that won’t bust the boss’s budget.

We have the perfect answer, no matter what the event or occasion may be.

Even Stevens isn’t your run-of-the-mill catering company. What we are is a dedicated group of craft-loving foodies who happen to make some of the tastiest menu items you’ve ever had. Every dish we make is hand-crafted with care — and that doesn’t change when we scale up to handle your business catering needs.

We’re also the most flexible corporate caterer you’ll ever find. You tell us what you want, and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Corporate Catering

Even Stevens offers a full range of corporate catering services in Salt Lake City, throughout northern Utah and in Boise, Idaho.

Bring our high-quality, craft-casual food into your workplace for special events, board meetings, working lunches — or just to say thank you to your staff for a job well done.

We offer a full menu of options for all your business catered events. Whether you prefer platters, boxed lunches (or breakfasts!) or small bites, we can create the perfect spread to please your attendees as well as your budget.

Wherever your business is located, you can bet there’s an Even Stevens nearby, ready to help make your corporate event memorable and stress-free.

boxes banner
breakfast sandwich with fruits
Breakfast Box

Served all day! Choice of breakfast sandwich or burrito. Served with fresh fruit. Serves 1.­

sandwich and chips with a pickle
Half Lunch Box

Choice of half sandwich or half salad. Served with a side of chips, a pickle, and a cookie. Serves 1.­

sandwich and chips with a pickle
Full Lunch Box

Choice of full sandwich or full salad. Served with a side of chips or a side salad, a pickle, and choice of dessert. Serves 1.­

breakfast platter banner
breakfast sandiwch platter
Breakfast Sandwiches

Scrambled eggs and cheese, with your choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or avocado. Drizzled with house made maple glaze on a Hawaiian bun. Served with a side of tots. Minimum order of 10.

burrito platter
Breakfast Burritos

Your choice of Undergrad Burritos, Grad Burritos and The New Morrissey. Minimum order of 10.

egg fritata
Egg Frittata

Italian style baked eggs with tomatoes, and spinach.

oatmeal platter

Old-fashioned oats cooked to perfection and served with brown sugar, berries and nuts. Serves up to 10.

platter of french toast
Baked French Toast

Thickly sliced brioche, battered and baked bread pudding style, topped with cinnamon sugar. Try it with berry compote and sweet cream! Serves up to 10.

Corporate Catering for Breakfast & Brunch

Corporate catering for breakfast or brunch is easy, fun and affordable with Even Stevens.

We offer a wide assortment of options, including breakfast boxes and platters. You can customize our boxed breakfast for each of your guests. Or you might prefer our platter options: Choose from breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, egg frittata, oatmeal or baked French toast. Or maybe one of each?

And who says you have to eat breakfast in the morning? Not us. In fact, our breakfast catering is available all day long.

bites logo
fruit bowl
Small or Large Fruit Platter

A platter of fresh, seasonal fruit. Try it with a cup of sweet cream! Serves 10 or 20.

vegetable dip platter
Small or Large Vegetable Platter

Fresh cut vegetables served with your choice of ranch or hummus. Serves 10 or 20.

bowl of soup
Quart of Soup

A quart of creamy tomato bisque. Serves up to 5.

Corporate Catering for Lunch & Beyond

If afternoon breakfast isn’t quite right for your needs, we have a dazzling array of corporate lunch catering options as well.

Our boxed lunches have something for everyone. Appeal to light eaters with a half lunch box — complete with a half-sandwich or salad, chips, pickle and a cookie — or feed the hungrier group members with our full lunch box.

If you want to dine corporate family style, customize our half-sandwich platters with your favorites. Add one or two of our family-style salad platters — overflowing with your choice of our signature salads — and grab a quart of piping hot soup to go with it.

We also offer fruit and veggie platters, our house-seasoned black pepper kettle chips, loaded mac and cheese and of course, what corporate event would be complete without the dessert platter?

Our friendly, helpful team is always happy to accommodate dietary restrictions, too. In fact, our catering menu has many vegan options and a delicious, gluten-free bread to help keep those with special dietary needs and preferences happy.

Give us a call today to place your business catering order or to learn more about Even Stevens corporate catering in Utah and Idaho.

sandwich platter banner
sandwich plate
Halved Sandwiches

You can order any mix of the options below, or stack a full tray with one of your favorites. Minimum order of 10.

salad platter banner
pair of salad bowls
Small Salad

Serves 8-10.

salad bowl
Large Salad

Serves 15-20.