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Boxed meals are perfect for group events where you prefer a customizable meal for each person. The boxes are compostable, too!

breakfast sandwich with fruits
Breakfast Box

Served all day! Choice of breakfast sandwich or burrito. Served with fresh fruit. Serves 1.­

sandwich and chips with a pickle
Half Lunch Box

Choice of half sandwich or half salad. Served with a side of chips, a pickle, and a cookie. Serves 1.­

sandwich and chips with a pickle
Full Lunch Box

Choice of full sandwich or full salad. Served with a side of chips or a side salad, a pickle, and choice of dessert. Serves 1.­

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Breakfast platters are great for value. When you have a lot of people and need to feed them quickly, platters are the way to go. Our breakfast platters are available all day.

breakfast sandiwch platter
Breakfast Sandwiches

Scrambled eggs and cheese, with your choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or avocado. Drizzled with house made maple glaze on a Hawaiian bun. Served with a side of tots. Minimum order of 10.

burrito platter
Breakfast Burritos

Your choice of Undergrad Burritos, Grad Burritos and The New Morrissey. Minimum order of 10.

egg fritata
Egg Frittata

Italian style baked eggs with tomatoes, and spinach.

oatmeal platter

Old-fashioned oats cooked to perfection and served with brown sugar, berries and nuts. Serves up to 10.

platter of french toast
Baked French Toast

Thickly sliced brioche, battered and baked bread pudding style, topped with cinnamon sugar. Try it with berry compote and sweet cream! Serves up to 10.

sandwich platter banner

The center point of your Even Stevens smörgåsbord.

sandwich plate
Halved Sandwiches

You can order any mix of the options below, or stack a full tray with one of your favorites. Minimum order of 10.

salad platter banner

You’ll need two tables for these beasts. Our family-style salad platters are designed with every possible need in mind, whether you’re looking for a big side salad, a hearty meal itself, or something in between.

pair of salad bowls
Small Salad

Serves 8-10.

salad bowl
Large Salad

Serves 15-20.

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fruit bowl
Small Fruit Platter

A platter of fresh, seasonal fruit. Try it with a cup of sweet cream! Serves 10.

Large Fruit Platter

A large platter of fresh, seasonal fruit. Serves 20.

vegetable dip platter
Small Vegetable Platter

Fresh cut vegetables served with your choice of ranch or hummus. Serves 10.

Large Vegetable Platter

Fresh cut vegetables served with your choice of ranch or hummus. Serves 20.

bowl of soup
Quart of Soup

A quart of creamy tomato bisque. Serves up to 5.

bowl of mac n cheese
Loaded Baked Mac

Creamy mac and cheese with a kick of poppin’ cream cheese topped with bacon, chopped tomatoes, and parsley. Serves up to 10.

cookie platter

Cookies, Brownies or Rice Crispies. Minimum order serves 10.

bowl of chips
Black Pepper Kettle Chips

Kettle chips seasoned in-house. Serves 10–15.

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glass of orange juice
Orange Juice

A gallon of orange juice.

can of coca cola
Canned Beverages

Assorted canned beverages, or bottled water.