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Ladies and gentlemen, we’re millionaires.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re millionaires.

January 16th marked a day for the books [or at least the future memoir of a sandwich shop with a cause] – it marked the day we became millionaires. At 10:09 on Martin Luther King Day, Even Stevens sold its millionth sandwich. That’s 1 million times that eat to give became reality and not just an idea. 1 million times that a customer became a contributor, and 1 million times a sandwich shop with a cause proved that you can do well and do good.

And of those 1 million times

jalapeños were sliced

hazelnuts were roasted

eggs were cracked

bread was toasted

au ju was poured

gloves were changed

eyes made contact

walls were spray painted

and people were seen as people, free to eat and free to be whoever they be.

We sent letters to our partners, handed out commemorative pins, flooded the airwaves, and invited DJs into our shops to start the party. We stood on chairs and cheers’d with flutes of faux-champagne (okay, Steve’s wife did). We prepared in advance, and commissioned stop-motion artist, Becca Clawson, to make something neat you want to watch 1 million times.

But more than representing 2 million guests and underserved community members fed, it represents dollars reallocated towards programs that chop at the root of food insecurity: homelessness, displacement, unemployment, lack of job skills, childcare, disability. A story told no better than by the mouths of our partners.

“Your support helps me keep the door open – and helps us provide much needed service for our guests, including meal, shower, phone/computer, mail and a great place to be. Thank you!” - Corpus Christi House, Boise, ID

“Your eat-to-give mission, fresh and delicious food, friendly/caring staff is a guarantee for success and your success means we are successful in feeding and clothing those in need. This is truly a perfect partnership.” - Doug Burke, Open Arms Care Center, Servant Leader and Volunteer

And let’s not forget the impact quality, wholesome and satisfying food alone can have…

“Even Stevens contributions have broadened the menu for women and children at the YWCA. They get to taste foods that they never would have had a chance to try before; things like different kinds of cheeses and deli meats (beyond baloney)" says Director of Food Services at the YWCA Utah, Laura Dalton. “It’s been great to see a company succeed that’s not just out to make money – they make a difference.”

So if 2017 has an MO – it’s the year that a sandwich shop that could influences millions that they can…
and to be thankful in the process: for our people, our guests, our partners, our leaders and just about anyone who believes that for-profits and non-profits do better together.

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