Non-Profit Stories: Rescue Mission Salt Lake

At Even Stevens, we partner with all kind of organizations from domestic violence to addiction recovery, elderly and hospice care to afterschool programs. We ...

At Even Stevens, we partner with all kind of organizations from domestic violence to addiction recovery, elderly and hospice care to afterschool programs. We can talk about them a million times over, but it will never truly tell you what they do for our communities.

Hearing first hand the stories of the people who have been directly impacted by the work of our nonprofit partners has had a tremendous impact on us, and we wanted to pass it along. These stories are why we do what we do; these stories fuel us to continue to eat to give.

In this post, we share a story from Even Steven's non-profit partner Rescue Mission Salt Lake. 

G) Was there a time where you were wondering where your next meal would come from?

S) Absolutely, you know I didn’t know what the mission gave out or whatever. My vision of it was you can get a meal there - I didn’t know if it was three meals a day or one meal - I didn’t know anything about it. And I was so ashamed of my predicament. And then I came here, and I thought, “Wow” they gave me a bed with blankets and some clothes to wear, and I could stay clean and feel good about myself. That’s important - when you’re trying to rebuild your self-esteem to be clean and be able to get up and feel good about your situation for today that takes a lot of stress off of you. Anybody! You know you need that to try and be able to move forward. It takes a lot of weight off the situation that you’re trying to face. Cause you know, when you’re hungry and out of food and don’t have a place to live - that’s all you can think about. It’s survival mode. Once you come here that fear disappears, and you’re able to step up and move forward. Whereas you’re not otherwise. It’s all about survival. People get stuck in that rut out there, I’ve seen it. I didn’t realize how many people there were homeless until I became homeless myself. You know I went to the truck stops to sleep and the parks and saw all the same people there. You know I’m just grateful for the mission here, I’m grateful for the people that support it because they are changing lives. Being part of that is wonderful. I hope to get back and be a part of it myself someday.

"The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake serves over 600 meals a day to our homeless neighbors and struggling families in the Salt Lake City area. Even Stevens plays a big part in making this possible through their food donations. Our partnership with Even Stevens allows us to offer 3 healthy and nutritious meals to hundreds of men, women, and children each day at the mission and give out hundreds of family food boxes to the working poor each month. But the help from Even Stevens doesn't stop there. They are proactive with volunteering at our events and serving meals at the mission. It is easy to see that Even Stevens really cares about the community. Together we are ending the cycle of poverty and enabling formerly homeless individuals and families to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. That is why we are so thankful for our partnership with Even Stevens and for their incredible customers who are making a lasting impact on the lives of the homeless and hungry in our community." 

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