Hello, Heart Power!

Here at Even Stevens, our team is everything and Heart Power is our battle cry. We’re local enthusiasts, unashamed tree-huggers, smooth money-makers and ...

Here at Even Stevens, our team is everything and Heart Power is our battle cry. We’re local enthusiasts, unashamed tree-huggers, smooth money-makers and better-than- your-mom sandwich gurus. We wanted to introduce some of the dreamers behind the peace sign in a series we are calling 'Hello, Heart Power'. In this first round we introduce Justin Videen, an Experience Creator and Leadership Team member in our Boise, Idaho shop.

Justin Videen
ES Leadership Team
Boise, ID

When did you begin working at Even Stevens?

I started working at Even Stevens in April 2016. I was hired on three weeks before the grand opening of the Boise shop.

What inspired you to apply?

I was actually scrolling through Instagram (Thank God for social media) and stumbled across a post about Even Stevens opening up in downtown Boise. I went online to the Even Stevens website and, other than the fact that I love sandwiches with a passion, I was hooked on the cause. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. “Eat to Give”… that’s what inspired me.

Side note… I wasn’t unhappy at my old job; I thought I would be there for a while longer. However, after reading about our cause and two-minutes of sitting down with Sean Ladle and seeing his passion, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to change the world, one sandwich at a time.

What are some memorable moments you’ve had at Even Stevens?

I’ve definitely had more than a few memorable moments at Even Stevens, the first of which being Boise’s Grand Opening. It was an unreal experience; getting to network with everyone from HQ who came to Boise to train us on the Even Steven’s way of life, meeting each of the other awesomely unique individuals who joined the Boise “Freak” Team in an effort to fight hunger locally, and witnessing the amazing amount of support the Boise community showed us and the cause right from the start. That week left me with a full heart and an insane amount of motivation to live “Heart Power”.

Another memorable moment would have to be when we hit 1,000,000 sandwiches donated as a company. Being a part of reaching that milestone with Even Stevens was an incredibly rewarding experience. One million sandwiches sold, one million people fed. It was an amazing step in our ongoing fight to end hunger.

What do you love about working for Even Stevens?

Honestly, everything… but most of all, our mission. I love going to work every day knowing that each one of us has made the commitment to work for a cause greater than us. I love sharing the life-changing impact a customer can have on another person’s life by simply buying a delicious sandwich while and relishing in a fun, craft-casual dining experience. I love learning, growing, teaching, and connecting in the Even Stevens atmosphere. Money is nice, but it can only affect your life on a physical level… knowing that I love what I do, and that I’ve had a positive influence on at least one other human in my life; that is what I love most about Even Stevens.

What is your favorite menu item?

Favorite menu item is a tough one… does anybody really have just one? I’ve had everything on the menu at least twice, but I’d have to say the breakfast burrito and the Mihami Vice are a solid top two with the Reuben coming in third. Each is so distinct and delicious.


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