Fundraiser Supporting Even Stevens Friend D’Marko Blewett

Hello Evies,

Hello Evies,

Our good friend and physical trainer D’Marko Blewett is currently struggling with some life-threatening issues with his heart and lungs. D’Marko has been a huge supporter of Even Stevens over the years in a number of ways, not least among them being the role he played in keeping a number of us in shape.

D’Marko was the youngest of three children to a single mother and the first to graduate from high school in his family. To stay off the streets and out of trouble, he started boxing when he was young. He was a tall skinny kid, so at 16 he started to work out and bulk up triggering his passion for bodybuilding. Through the years D’Marko kept his eye on the prize of becoming a professional bodybuilder while supporting himself along the way as a bodyguard, bartender, actor, entrepreneur and more. After a successful run as a bodybuilder, he met his wife Erica and together they opened Custom Fit Nutrition & Training with D'Marko. Because of the close relationship between D’Marko and a few of our team members, Even Stevens had a contract with Custom Fit Nutrition & Training with D'Marko for team training and many of us worked out with D’Marko to start our days. These morning workouts were amazing for team-building and encouraging healthy lifestyles in our company. And there has never been a bigger fan of Even Stevens than D’Marko himself.

D’Marko has always been a person that lives life to the fullest and brings great passion to everything he does. We want to support him in his time of need which is why we are encouraging anyone who can to donate to his Go Fund Me for his medical procedures. To donate visit his Go Fund Me at

Thank you to anyone who donates in his time of need,

* The Even Stevens Team

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