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We all know the barber pole. The iconic red and white swirling cylinder that signals where we can chop our locks and tame our ...

We all know the barber pole. The iconic red and white swirling cylinder that signals where we can chop our locks and tame our woodland chins. But what most don’t know is that the origin of the pole is much older, and slightly creepier, than a Norman Rockwell painting.

Turns out that way back in the days of medieval, blades were rather… multi-purpose. Barbery, surgery, tooth extractions and bloodletting were all preformed by the same people in the same place (usually priests). So what do those whimsical red stripes on a white background represent? The aftermath of blood letting…bloody bandages wrapped around a pole.

There’s a fun fact for you. Now for a fun story. And, in our humble opinion, one of Arthurian proportions.

Kylee Howell was snipping her way through barber school when she first became an Evie Steevie. As a bonafide member of STREET, our version of a guerilla marketing squad, she walked, talked and vibed the ‘eat to give’ philosophy all while pursuing her own passions.

So it came to as pure delight (not necessarily a surprise) when Kylee graduated barber school and announced her own social venture: A barber shop that gives back with every cut.

Every haircut at Friar Tuck’s Barber Shop gives $1 to the VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center in Salt Lake City. And every straight razor shave gives $2.

Brilliant. Hair always grows.

"I was inspired by the fact that Even Stevens can offer a quality and genuinely craft product while also giving back. You don't have to half-ass things in order to be charitable.” Kylee says. "It's a way of working that I identify with."

Friar Tuck's Barber Shop
Tools of the trade.

Why “Friar Tuck’s”?

"He was a skilled bladesmen and a rebel that used his standing within the Christian church to take care of the poor. It sounded right, see as I'm focused on using my skills to help the less privileged."

Oh, and how serendipitous is this. After Kylee chose the name, she found the perfect spot: a vacant former barber shop right in middle of Sherwood Forest mobile home park in Salt Lake. Yeah. No kidding.

So visit Friar Tuck’s Barber Shop in Sherwood Forest trailer park. Get yourself dapper. Meet an OG social entrepreneur. And give back, to the good folks at VOA.

Robin Hood style.

Friar Tucks / Even Stevens from Even Stevens Sandwiches on Vimeo.

Kylee was recently featured in Dove's Real Beauty Campaign. Check out that incredible video HERE

Free scalp treatment for first-timers. Walk in or make an appointment. 801.870.9087

Friar Tuck's Barber Shop
Sherwood Forest Mobile Home Park
1594 West 400th South, Salt Lake City

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