Who knows man

Who knows man

Who knows man


It’s not the only story, but it’s the first. In a way, the book of Stevens starts all over again every time we open a shop. Meet a partner. Train a new team. Set a Do Gouda down in front of a new guest. We’re a brand of humans each with origin stories of their own.

Soulwork doesn’t happen in ideas, it happens in your hands. But the idea does come first. And like a lighter, it can be passed around. In the case of us, it was entrepreneurand our co-founder Steve Down who first flicked our bic.

When he shared the idea with his 21-year old son, something like arson started. It blazed through a household of college roommates, a network of foodies, local enthusiasts, a bold restauranteur and a very talented Chef. It started as a small catering shop but soon spread like wildfire and landed its first spot in SLC on 4th and 2nd. Makers of craft, community and culture on the outside came in. Musicians strummed in our dining room, and our very first prep guy Matt sliced a cucumber - all for the same reason. Eat to give. Some had been disillusioned by the way things were, others had been waiting their whole lives for something better. They wanted something more…. meaningful. Even handed, you could say.

We opened our first shop in Downtown SLC on June 24th, 2014. When we donated over 30,000 sandwiches in our first 6 months, it wasn’t just an idea anymore. What had taken a village had become a village. And eating to give was no longer just a theory – it was something taking place in our dining room every day.

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