Two for One, One for All

Even Stevens is a craft-casual restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch in the coolest neighborhoods we can find. At the same time we’re serving guests, we’re sharing a future with the communities we are a part of. By giving a sandwich to a local non-profit for every sandwich sold, we’re turning our craft into a force of social good - two for one, one for all.


And we mean all. ‘Even Stevens’ is plural, not singular. A collective of experience is who we be. We’re a brand of humans, after all. Humans who love. Humans who eat. Humans who tap into their give-a-damness every day, in the kitchen and on the street.


The restaurant is where we collaborate. It’s not just a cool place to eat, it’s a way to be. A house of shared understanding. Understanding that not everyone has access to basic life needs like food. Understanding that when we have the ability to improve the lives of others, we have the responsibility to. And understanding that there’s no conflict between a better experience for ‘me’ and for you.


Sounds like a pretty selfless idea, but don’t forget: it feels good to do good.


Pay, tips & bonuses

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Insurance after 90 days

Health, Dental, and Optical

Life supply of good karma

A warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you can help feed people that are hungry.

Being who you is

A close-knit family atmosphere that encourages you to be an individual.

Discounted Employee Meals


Restaurant Roles

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Experience Creators

Need apply: foodies with a keen eye for quality, unashamed local enthusiasts, and real-deal volunteers of America. Whatever your age, if you went through a 60s revolution of your own, you belong with us.

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Team Lead

Find yourself naturally influencing others with style and grace? You’re a leader after our own heart. Even Stevens’ team leads work all angles of our shop to protect every guest – and every team member’s – experience.

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Whether you’re an experience creator transformed, or fell in love with our brand from the outside – General Managers are vested partners in our growth. Compassionate leaders are what we're made of.


Neighborhood Roles

Art & Media

Are you an artist, designer, photographer, or any kind of maker? Got an idea for a collab?

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Live Music

Performer? Comedian? DJ? We have live music several times a week in all of our shops.

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