St.Paddy’s Day Corned Beef & Hash Burrito

St.Paddy’s Day just isn’t St.Paddy’s Day without corned beef & hash. Gone are the days of a can shaped goop that you slop out and scramble up on the stove, yuck! Chef Brandon has revived and revamped this Irish classic and created something even the most avid corned beef haters will love.

First, we get a corned beef brisket marinated in a brine of toasted anise, peppercorn and cinnamon spices along with roasted garlic and bay leaves. After a week it is sliced up and cooked for hours until tender. Then, we wrap it up in toasted tortilla stuffed with crisp toasted tater tots (hash!), two fried eggs, swiss cheese and our house made Russian dressing. Paired with a local craft beer, this burrito is better than a pot o’ gold!

So what are you waiting for? This hash burrito is only available during St.Paddy’s Day weekend so skip on over to Even Stevens and try it out.

March 3, 2017