Rappeling Down to Lift Others Up #OverTheEdgeSaltLake

By Kelly C.

Jordan goes #OverTheEdgeSaltLake from Even Stevens’ Vimeo

We are so incredibly proud to partner with the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center at the YWCA to support them in their efforts to support those who have experienced domestic abuse and sexual violence. #OverTheEdgeSaltLake was organized to raise both awareness and funds for domestic violence and sexual assault services at the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center. Mission accomplished! Thanks to the efforts of caring individuals and corporations in our beautiful city, the YWCA was able to raise a ton of awareness and $90,000 for this amazing cause.

In order to do our part in support this amazing program, our very own Jordan Youngberg volunteered to rappel down the 13 story Maverick Base Camp Building in downtown Salt Lake City this past Friday, October 21st. Jordan’s reasoning for participating? “Rappelling is fun, domestic violence is not. But every day, organizations like the YWCA face that issue head-on. I’m very grateful for what they do in our community. It’s humbling to be involved, even in this small way, in their efforts.”

The Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center at the YWCA is an innovative, collaborative model to help women and men in abusive relationships and those who have been sexually assaulted. For more information, visit their website: ywcautah.org

October 26, 2016