Your unique talents, your charisma and your uncompromising devotion. And sandwiches. Lots of them. It’s no secret that Even Stevens is growing fast. After donating 100,000 sandwiches in our first year, we feel it’s kinda our responsibility. The more stores we build, the more individuals we feed. So here’s looking at you. If you’re like-minded and ready for purposeful work that makes real change now, now is the time to get on board.

Here, food service isn’t a job. It’s a belief system.

Experience Creators

Need apply: foodies with a keen eye for quality, unashamed local enthusiasts, and real-deal volunteers of America. Whatever your age, if you went through a 60s revolution of your own, you belong with us.

Team Lead

Find yourself naturally influencing others with style and grace? You’re a leader after our own heart. Even Stevens’ team leads work all angles of our shop to protect every guest – and every team member’s – experience.


Whether you’re an experience creator transformed, or fell in love with our brand from the outside – General Managers are vested partners in our growth. Passionate leaders set the energetic stage of our brand culture, training, hiring, and guest experience.




Every community has passionate people who make things, market things, and take pride in their immediate environment. We’re here to source those people. If you’re an artist, a musician, a furniture maker, a chef, or any manner of creative type – reach out!



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