Hello, HeartPower

Here at Even Stevens, our team is everything and Heart Power is our battle cry. We’re local enthusiasts, unashamed tree-huggers, smooth money-makers and better-than- your-mom sandwich gurus. We wanted to introduce some of the dreamers behind the peace sign in a series we are calling ‘Hello, Heart Power’.  Here we introduce Stephen Usery from our Arcadia, AZ team!


Stephen Usery
ES Team Lead
Arcadia, AZ
What is your job title?
 My Job Title at ES Arcadia is Team Lead!
When did you begin working at Even Stevens?
 I started working at Even Stevens on March 7th, 2017.
What inspired you to apply?
 What initially inspired me to apply was Keith our GM! We used to work together & he told me about this great company, Even Stevens! I hopped right on board when I realized what a great company Even Stevens is..now I’m inspired by our Cause!
What are some memorable moments you’ve had at Even Stevens?
 I started working at ES Tempe and right when I walked through the doors I immediately felt welcomed by the entire crew! No more than a week working with all those great people and we already established a family! When I was working the cash register,  I loved talking to all the customers about the menu, about our local non-profit organizations, and just about their day in general! Even Stevens brings in some awesome people whether it’s the customers, co-workers, non-profits, all of our vendors, nothing but great vibes!✌
What do you love about working for Even Stevens?
 When I first started working, my favorite part of the job was the entire crew! Everybody was on the same page, very helpful and just an all around great group of workers. But when I realized for all hundreds of sandwiches and burritos we were making on the line everyday..we donate an equal nutritional meal to those in need! I had a customer pay for a meal and told me to give it to somebody in need. So when I got off my shift, I got in my car and pulled up on the access road to the highway where I  saw a Homeless Veteran. I gave him the meal, and his face just lit up(he was mainly excited for the side pickle)! I felt so awesome, just knowing the fact that somebody on the streets who was hungry is filling their stomach with our food and that was the greatest feeling. Now my favorite part of the company is our Cause, Eat to Give!
What is your favorite menu item?
 My favorite item on the menu would have to be the Mihami Vice.
What are your hobbies and interests outside of Even Stevens?
I used to race/ride BMX when I was about 12-19 years old; then I picked motocross for a few weeks when I was 20 & tore my ACL. Due to injury after injury, I had to stop most action sports.I recently picked up an interest in glass blowing about a year ago. I’m about to buy a torch and kiln and make one of my dream come true!

April 14, 2017