by Allison S.

The Greektown Collective is the brainchild of Sustainable Startups, V School and Photo Collective Studios. Its main goal is to provide shared workspace between non-profits, coders,
artists and youth, to create a shared space that is as creative as it is collaborative. Located in
the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City—check out their awesome new space in the lower part of the Photo Collective office to be exact—they, along with the creator of IM Nutrition, Isabel Mejia teamed up with yours truly for #Hashtag Lunchbag to help feed the needy in Salt Lake.


Photo by Steve Conlin

For the second time, all of us have been proud to support #Hashtag Lunchbag, while continuing to help Salt Lake’s population in need. #Hashtag Lunchbag started in 2012 on Christmas Day in an apartment in Los Angeles as a social media campaign designed to help bring awareness to hunger on a local level. Today, the movement has grown to include events in over 100 cities across the country, including Salt Lake!

On Sunday, the community came together and we were able to make and distribute a sack lunch complete with a sammie, banana and bottled water for over 250 people in the Rio Grande and Pioneer Park areas. We plan to keep the ball rolling and host at least one #Hashtag Lunchbag event every couple of months. If you’re interested in getting involved, subscribe to our main Facebook page to stay in the loop with upcoming events.


While #Hashtag Lunchbag may only happen every so often, there are also plenty of other volunteer opportunities available that service non-profits all over the city. Check out any our community partners or visit greatnonprofits.com/state/utah to search for a volunteer opening that will help improve our community.

June 15, 2016