A very good year (and a Super Sweet ’16)

So long 2015, Sweet ’16 is upon us. And rather than counting our friends, popularity status, or the possibility of a pink Mercedes, a tiara and a rumored Beyonce appearance … we’re turning our attention to a different kind of score.

The real currency.

The kind that measures our ability to give, not just get. To inspire, not expire. To throw a tot party, not a tantrum. Our 2015 donation totals are in, Evie Steevies, and we’re pleased to share them in statistician form:

Even Stevens Downtown SLC

Even Stevens Sugar House

Even Stevens Draper

Even Stevens St. George

That’s 247,031 sandwiches donated to our local non-profit partners, 247,031 sandwiches assembled by glorious volunteers and 247,031 bellies-in-need fed.

Good year? We think so. Private Beyonce concert? Maybe next year.

Here’s to a Super Sweet ’16 and much much more of the good stuff.

January 7, 2016