Fresh take, nostalgic recipe: Reuben

It’s been debated for decades – when and where did the famous Reuben sandwich originate?

Omaha, Nebraska, 1936? A NYC delicatessen circa 1914?

And by who? A Lithuanian-born poker player? A Broadway actress? The German owner of the aforementioned New York deli?

Ancient Aliens?

Reuben Wisdom: It doesn’t matter. The hot sandwich of corned beef, Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut and Rye is here with us now. And the Even Stevens kitchen says, “Welcome”.

Our sandwich shop takes the mysterious American marvel and applies clean-label, additive free Corned Beef Brisket. Our tangy Russian dressing is made fresh in-house and Utah’s own Stoneground Bakery marbled rye adds a psychedelic twist. (Don’t worry, it’s all looks). You’re safe to snarf this one on your lunch break.

Baked to perfection through our oven – and this, is the first Reuben and the last Reuben. The circle of life Reuben. Meaty, tangy, briney, ooey gooey cheesy life. Your palette, suddenly, transcendent and eternal.

Pair our Reuben with a creamy stout or Rye craft beer and you will live forever.*

*In spirit, of course.

April 27, 2015