Even Stevens’ Own Teen Chef Master

There’s a new reality show in town, Utah foodies, and if you want to see what it takes to satay your way to local celebrity, all while dealing with the growing pains of adolescence, you’d all be apt to watch. Utah ProStart Teen Chef Masters is doing as much good as it is entertaining.

Watch Utah ProStart Teen Chef Masters on Fox 13, airing October 3rd to December 26th, 2015.

The backstory: Utah ProStart is a state-wide education program that provides formal culinary training to high school age kids. The ProStart program is now a national thing, but Utah was the ‘test kitchen’. The program has done a lot of good for teens looking to work in food and beverage right out of highschool. Considering the restaurant industry employs 10 percent of the U.S. workforce – it makes a lot of sense.

So when you’ve got a network of passionate and competitive ProStart teens + tantalizing, photogenic cooking skills – what’s do you do? Put ’em on TV.

And that’s just what Utah ProStart Teen Chef Masters has done. And it just so happens, one of Even Stevens’ own experience creators is on the first season. Even Stevens fans, meet Sage Rieben.

The recent high school grad is passionate about carving a place for himself in the industry, and has already showed off his chops in the Even Stevens kitchen. Chef Sage’s Master Menu will be available every Saturday for the length of the show:

Toast With the Most
Chef Sage’s Toast With the Most. Green apple, candied pecans and maple syrup.

Morning Tots
Chef Sage’s Morning Tots. Everything right about breakfast, served hot over tots.



To celebrate our Chef in residence, all Even Stevens are official Teen Chef Master viewing locations. Come on in, every Saturday from 9am – 10pm, Oct 3rd – December 26th, and enjoy a bite of what this local celeb has to offer.


October 8, 2015