Even Stevens Launches New Bites & Salad Makeovers!

Are you ready to try some new Even Stevens flavor? Chef Brandon Price has been tinkering away in the test kitchen cooking up some incredible flavors for you.

Summer time is all about food on the go, and these new bites are the perfect on the go treat! Grab it for your next picnic, road trip, party or stop in and devour it while listening to some excellent live music.  All of these bites are under $5, so you won’t need to break the bank to enjoy some good eats!

Brussels Sprouts – Roasted brussels sprouts, bacon, house maple glaze. $3.25

Shishitos- Blistered shishito peppers, radishes, cilantro, soy glaze, brava aioli, sriracha. $3.25

Beer Cheese and Pretzel Sticks- Beer cheese and warm pretzel sticks. $4.95

We loved our beer cheese so much; we revamped our Party tots to include this cheese goodness!

When it comes to salads, we like to think outside the box.  Say goodbye to limp lettuce, stale croutons and dressing from a bag. Everything at Even Stevens is made from scratch with craft ingredients and a dash of heart power.  We never want our menu to get stale, and as much as we love our salads, they needed a little makeover.  Introducing the new and improved salads featuring some of your suggestions and some of Chef’s brilliant ideas.

Chicken, Berry & Oats-Roasted chicken, warm house granola, spinach, spring mix, blueberries, feta, berry vin. $8.95

BLT Chopped-Chopped iceberg, pork belly, gorgonzola, avocado, grape tomatoes, house kettles, blue cheese or ranch dressing. $8.95

Chicken & Beets-Roasted chicken, diced beets, spinach, arugula, pecans, goat cheese vin, croutons. $8.95


June 5, 2017