Even Stevens Hits 2 Million Sandwiches Donated!

Earlier this year, Even Stevens hit a historic milestone, 1 million sandwiches donated, and just like that you all blew our projections out of the water. This week, less than a year later, we have hit 2 million sandwiches donated.

If you think that’s incredible, let’s break it down even further.

-18 stores in 4 states = 72 non-profit partners. Since we hit the one-millionth mark, we have adopted 32 more nonprofit partners into our program and have opened eight more stores. By the end of the year, we will have 80 partners, double what we had at one million.

-2 million sandwiches  = $1,080,000 allocated to our nonprofits to spend on quality, delicious sandwich making ingredients and operational supplies.

-We’ve added operational supplies to the list of products available to our partners and now have over 100 products to choose from.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without your support and heart power. Because of YOU, our non-profits can better serve your communities. Here is what a few of our partners had to say about this milestone.

“We are so grateful for our partnership with Even Stevens. Their monthly donation ensures our ability to provide nutritional staples for those visiting our Food Pantry consistently. In addition to this generosity, Even Stevens has been regularly willing to donate sandwiches as part of special food distributions we host and to support our work in other ways. The relationships that have developed with the amazing Even Stevens staff are invaluable – this is a true partnership, and we are so thankful!”

· Jessica Roadman, Community Outreach Coordinator, Crossroads Urban Center

“Thank you Even Stevens! Because of your generosity, the Cache Community Food Pantry can purchase enough sliced cheese and deli meats to give to our clientele each month. This has made a huge impact on our budget as we can now redirect those previously allocated funds to improve other aspects of our program. Thanks once again for your kindness and thanks to your patrons who enjoy your delicious sandwiches!”

– Matthew Whitaker, Director of Cache Community Food Bank

Native American Connections’ partnership with Even Stevens has been such a joy to experience. Since the opening of its Arcadia location just six months ago, our organization has been able to increase the amount of high quality and nutritious food resources provided in our homeless youth shelter, affordable supportive housing, and community wellness programs. The local Even Stevens employees also volunteered in Native American Connections’ Parade held on October 14th, and we were so happy to have them participate in our organization’s annual signature community event!

– Diana Yazzie-Devine, President/CEO, Native American Connections

“When we teamed up with Even Stevens earlier this year we had no idea of the impact their donations would have on our food pantry. Because of YOU, we have been able to provide meals with fresh produce and dairy products to families in need throughout south Utah County. 46,530 meals to be exact! Who knew enjoying a sammie could be so impactful! Thank you for helping us hit 2 million sammies!”

· Melissa Prins, Director of Tabitha’s Food Bank

November 3, 2017