Even Stevens Expands Giveback Program

Since opening in June of 2014, Even Stevens has always provided sandwich-making ingredients to the partners in our give back program. This list of products has grown and expanded over the years, but it has always been food items to be utilized in programs to feed clients in need. Over the years, we have gained a ton of experience and a little bit of knowledge (okay a lot!) about what our partner’s needs are. Based on this we are now adding necessary items like gloves, plastic wrap, tin foil, soap, trash bags, etc to be available to our partners. While our mission is sandwich for sandwich, we now believe that a sandwich starts with a clean surface, washed and gloved hands and the packaging for that perfect little sammie to go in.

Why is this important to our partners?

*These supplies are essential to the operations of our partners serving food and keeping their organizations clean and tidy. Food safety is huge to us, and we want our partners to feel that we care too!

*These supplies are almost NEVER donated to organizations, so they often have to purchase these items out of pocket using their funds.

*Through Sysco, we could provide access very cheaply to these items as opposed to them visiting Costco or grocery stores.

*Some of our non-profits are struggling to spend all of the donations we give. Crazy right?! But due to small storage spaces, fluctuations in levels of clientele utilizing their services, etc. we have a lot of money unspent that we want to allow non-profits to use.

Our partners were very excited about this news, see Monica from Catholic Community Services reaction to the news here->Catholic Community Service Reaction! She has been our partner since Feb of 2015, and her organization serves an average of 18,000 meals per month.

October 27, 2017