Even Stevens Celebrates Pride in Boise

Pride month is one of Even Stevens favorite months to get out and celebrate with our communities. In each town we are in, we join in the fun and Boise might just be our favorite one to do that. After four short years, Boise Pridefest was dubbed one of the Best Small Town Prides in America bringing people of all works to life into downtown to celebrate our LGBTQ community.

This year Even Stevens was the only food vendor allowed in the VIP tent which means we got to serve up delicious sammies to some pretty amazing people. Using the Hashtag #Imwithpride, Boise showed the world that no matter where you are from and what your background is, you can always support your community.

Check out these amazing photos from Omar Prestwich and if you’d like Even Stevens Boise to be a part of your event, contact our street Vice, Louise Oldenkamp at loldenkamp@evenstevens.com


June 25, 2017