Droppin’ a line: new apparel

If you live in Even Stevens’ hometown of SLC, mark your calendars for April 21st, because we’ll be droppin’ some sweet new bodythings in pop-up style at our Sugar House HQ. DJ, drinks, bites, style… all to introduce our new line of tees, hats, and a handful of pop-up-exclusive items from some of our favorite local artists.

‘Give a Shirt’ is an event to announce our official drop of the line on Monday, April 24th – the day you can waltz into any Even Stevens and purchase in-store.

And what’s this ‘give a shirt’ business? Buy anything from Even Stevens’ new apparel line at the event, and gift a cool shirt to anybody for free. Your friend, your sweetheart, your roomie, a teen at the VOA, a friend at TOSA, or a kid at the Boys & Girls Club. Style yourself rotten & your neighbor, too. (After all, you’re too sexy not to).

In town? Go ahead, RSVP on Facebook.

Now enough about us, let’s talk about the artist’s we’ve teamed up with to drop a line…

Sara & Dane Goodwin


Sara and Dane Goodwin are true blood, through and through Salt Lakers.  They are the founders of Goodies and Co. A company born out of a passion for fashion. Goodies produce pins, patches, vintage threads and all kinds of art!

Dane is a printmaker, illustrator, mural painter, and thrift shopper.  He likes intellectual conversations and candy corn.  He has a slight addiction to ’80s windbreakers and primary color schemes.
Sara is a ’50s-loving dress collector with a passion for cotton candy and ’90s hip hop. Vintage curator, fashion designer, embroider-er-er, and avid knitter. If it’s fabric, she’s gotta have it.
“Eat to Give is a phrase that is close to our hearts. Even Stevens brings a lot of value to a lot of people.  The buy one, give one concept is something we can throw 100% of our support to.  It warms our hearts to see such a positive impact on the community.  To be humble and caring is the defining characteristic of true leadership, and love is the motivation. “
Squid Vishuss

Squid Vishuss is a self-taught artist, an urban mermaid, and lover of all things fantasy, cute, kitsch, and whimsical. she just wants to inspire, and change the world, one magical girl at a time.
“I like to bring to bring the world in my head to life by using embroidery to illustrate. I also illustrate a lot with marker and ink. Most of my content comes from elements that inspired me as a child like vintage toys, anime,  fantasy novels, mermaids, pastel colors, and fashion. I surround myself with my collection of vintage toys to create my own world and provoke that inspiration. For as long as I can remember I have been drawing. As a child, it helped me create an alternate universe that wasn’t my reality. Now that I do it as a profession I only hope to inspire other young creatives and share the world I have created in hopes that it could give another person that needed an escape. I want to use my art to help the change the world and spread a little magic. Every time someone reaches out to say that I have inspired them or purchases a little piece of my world, it helps fuel the passion and fills my heart. Creating is what I was made for. “
“Eat to give means feeding your belly and your soul. Doing something we all need and take for granted, but going about it in a way that everyone wins. I’m passionate about equality and giving back and I’m happy to support something that literally feeds that.”
Roman Schoewe
Roman is a local Ceramic artist from Salt Lake City. He studied ceramics at Westminster college and enjoy the humble nature of the ceramic process. Roman uses the most basic material (clay) combined with the most simple machine (the wheel) to create functional handmade pottery. He likes to bring a human touch to commonplace items that are typically soulless commercially made.
“I’ve been a regular patron of Even Stevens since they popped up almost three years ago. It is amazing to see a local business offer a great product and give back to the community directly in such a huge way. “
Michael McHenry
It would be remiss of us if we didn’t give a shout out to the artist above all artists at Even stevens, our chief in charge, our fearless leader, O’ captain my captain…Michael Mchenry! Michael is a restauranteur with a drive and vision like to other. His passion for doing good and developing an all-star team has led to some incredible accomplishments including taking Even Stevens from one local shop to 11 stores in 3 states in less than 3 years.
“Someone recently asked me why I love what I do and why I don’t seem to burnout or get distracted by the many “things” life brings. Great question. It’s simple, yet personal and I’m sure quite different for everyone. “My drive is a direct result of the gratification I receive seeing others get to the next level.” It’s my infinite fuel of sorts. My work has always been about people, some call me old school but I’ve always made my greatest investment into others. By empowering creativity, building confidence in others and pushing the possible- we succeed, together.”

“Heart Power- It’s a way of life, deep in my veins, infectious and present in every result. It’s where compassion, craft, and hustle combine”
Pop Up Shop!

The Pop Up Shop will be hosted in our Sugarhouse HQ (2030 S. 900 E. Suite A) from 6pm-9pm. Food + Drinks will be provided as well as dance tunes from DJ Al Cardenas of Nightfreq Events. Come see the new shirts and hats from our in-house creative minds featuring our long-time collaborator Trent Call. ln addition, we will also be debuting very limited edition collaborations with Squid Vishuss, Dane Goodwin and Roman Schoewe. Get em while they’re hot, because once they’re gone, they’re gone! Last but certainly not least, we will be rolling out a new concept called ‘Give a Shirt’.  It’s simple, buy anything from Even Stevens’ new apparel line, gift a cool shirt to anybody for free.


April 19, 2017