Don Jorge Coffee Now Served at Even Stevens Ogden

Our Ogden location has a new coffee, and we wanted to take a minute to introduce them to you. Don Jorge is a local coffee roaster with four generations of experience.

“Our family has been farming some of the finest Arabica bean coffee the world has to offer from high in the mountain tops of the Dominican Republic for four generations now. During that time we’ve had the opportunity to send our green coffee to be roasted and enjoyed by people all over the world and have been very successful in doing so.”

For every pound of coffee we purchase in our shop, they are going to donate $1 to our nonprofit partners!

“With Even Stevens, we’ve decided the best way for us to help and be of maximum benefit to our community would be to donate money and help grows the already incredible movement and organized efforts established by Even Stevens Eat To Give program. We are excited to donate $1.00 for every pound of our Dominican Reserve coffee purchased from us by Even Stevens to the charity accounts managed by them already! This is another chance for our family and our ‘Cups For A Cause’ program to help out our community and we are thrilled to be a part of this amazing purpose!”

Now that is good stuff! So stop in our Ogden location and grab a cup of coffee!

February 2, 2017