1 You buy a sandwich
2 At the end of every month, we tally sandwich sales. Funds for sandwich making ingredients - bread, meat, cheese and produce -are then placed into a Sysco food account
3 Our non-profit partners access the account and order sandwich-making ingredients as they need. A few days later, a truck delivers the order to their doorstep. Free of charge
4 Non-profit staff and volunteers make meals or stock their pantry shelves
5 Individuals in need are fed and our non-profit partners can put their money where their passion is


Partnerships with non-profits, distributors, food manufacturers and, of course, our guests! make it happen. We’ve partnered with our food distributor, Sysco, to facilitate our give-back program and provide doorstep delivery to every non-profit we work with. Free of charge.


Wait! how does it work again?

Do you donate the exact same sandwich as the one sold?

Can I have the donation one for: Me? My cousin? My friend Margaret?

For these and other frequently asked questions visit our FAQ page




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