5 Reasons Why You Need A JP Grilled Cheese Today

These winter months are draining. On the one hand, there’s skiing and snowmen and sledding galore, but on the other hand, we are all just so dang cold! Lucky for you Even Stevens has the perfect sandwich to cure all your winter ailments, and I am here to share with you Five reasons why you need to get the Jp Grilled Cheese today, like right now! Ok, you can wait until after you read this.

1- Fluffy perfectly toasted sourdough bread.

Yes, the rumors are true, this bread is made of clouds sourced straight from Narnia. This bread is so fresh and perfect that we slice it in-house to ensure to stays fresh for you.

2-Jalepenos that will light a fire in your…soul!

The key to warming you up is jalapeno, and that’s why we roast ours with garlic fresh daily.  Inside your sammy, you will find a double dose of hots with sprinkled roasted peppers on top of our JP spread. Which brings us to #3!

Photo by instagram.com/fkmanl/

3-The Jalapeno Popper Cream Cheese of your dreams.

This spread is perfect for literally anything! Add it to the Mihami Vice, Turkey Day or Pot Roast Dip for an extra kick! We start with warm cream cheese and fresh roasted jalapenos, and then we marry them in holy matrimony and TADA! JP Spread. I mean, there’s a couple more steps in there, but we can’t reveal all of our secrets!

Photo by Instagram.com/Eliseharisss

4-Cheese, cheese and more cheese for good luck.

A grilled cheese with no cheese is just sad bread. We paired this ooey gooey grilled cheese with Utah’s own Beehive Cheese. Their white Promontory Cheddar is the perfect pair with the spicy jalapenos and creates the cheesy strings that make us squeal with joy (see below).

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5-Because every time you buy a JP Grilled Cheese, you give one to someone who can’t.

#5 is our favorite reason for diving face first into a JP Grilled Cheese! Let’s not forget that 1 in 6 people in our communities can not afford to meet their basic food needs and every time you buy a sandwich at Even Stevens; you are helping someone not only fill their belly but supporting organizations who help people get back on their feet for good. Now that is soul warming!

Photo by Instagram.com/ohsweetbasil

So, what are you still reading this for? Run to the nearest Even Stevens and get yourself a JP Grilled Cheese!

January 30, 2017