Ogden, UT. Logan, UT. Boise, ID. What do these three things have in common?

    1. Motel 6?

    2. Yard flamingo infestations?
    3. The opening of a sandwich shop with a cause in April 2016?

2 may seem like the most logical answer, but for those who answered 3 – give yourself a round!

This is viral sandwich making, folks. A proverbial clown-car of a month. And good infestin’ flamingos, we’ve done it. Laying down Mihami Vices in a railroad town all the live long day. Spreading the word of good deeds and social eats in the bountiful mountains of Cache Valley. Throwing fist fulls of unicorn dust and Party Tots in the quirky little-big town of the 208.

Yes. We are insane magical. And we couldn’t have done it without the warm embrace of three very unique and growing communities.

Even Stevens #1-#4, meet your new siblings:

Even Stevens Ogden, 2214 Washington Blvd. April 6th

A town of locomotive past. Art deco architecture towers over streets paved by history and progressive labor. A town so ambitious it once hosted its own Mardi Gras celebration. And the past is back; Even Stevens #5 is taking part in a resurgence of community pride, local love and recreation. We were honored to hang our sign beneath a ghost graphic left behind since the 1930s.

Check out: A shuffleboard, and a vintage Japanese plinko game in the rear hallway.

Even Stevens Logan, 131 Main St. April 13th

Tractor-town on the outside, outdoor mecca on the inside. Farmers markets, hiking, festivals, locally produced craft products and revitalization projects abound. Main Street is ripe for the picking, and lucky us: Even Stevens’ landed a spot right next to the hub of all things outdoors – The Sportsman.

Check out: The gnarly, distressed and beautiful 100-year old dining room walls. (Remnants of at least 4 different vintage wallpapers can still be seen.)

Even Stevens Downtown Boise, 815 Bannock. April 20th

Boise is one of those Unicorn-esque places that embodies both the wild and relaxing, the urban and the outdoors. The city is friendly, approachable and just quirky enough to warrant a “Keep Boise Weird” bumper sticker. Real urban vibes without the metropolis hustle. Boise is one sweet little-big town. And what better neighbor than the known & beloved outdoor mural gallery, Freak Alley? Founders Colby Akers and James Campbell have been key to the development of the 7th and perhaps freakiest ES yet.

Check out: Artwork by Freak Alley artists Todd Davis, Sara Aycock, Ray Carraway and Jeff Ockerse.

April 22, 2016