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  • Ittttttttt's Official!

    That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Even Stevens is now a Benefit Corporation. Not only that, we are one of the original thirteen companies to get on board. Today, May 13th, is the effective date for Utah recognizing Benefit Corporations. Now you may be asking, “Da fuq is a benefit corporation?” Good question! Benefit Corporations are a new class of corporation that are required by law to create a material positive impact on society and the environment and to meet higher standards of accountability and transparency. You don’t get to just sign up and wave around your fancy title, you must prove annually that you are fulfilling what you have stated you would do to impact the community positively. So for us, that’s will be all about us showing the sandwiches we donated to our local non-profit partners. At a time where transparency is a must, and authenticity is key, we thought, “well who better to vouch for us than the man?” ;)

    Other pioneering companies included the Impact Hub, the Pro Recycling Group (Pro Balers, Pro Polymers and Interwest Paper), Le Croissant Catering, Sustain3, Wasatch CNA Center, ReDirect Guide UT, Salt Lake Entrepreneur’s Circle, Underfoot Floors, TNT Trucking School, and the Copan Cacao Company.

    Obviously a diverse group of individuals, but united in our cause no less. None of this could have happened without the awesome team at P3 Utah, the leading force behind Benefit Corporations being enacted in our fine state. 

    For more info check out: http://www.p3utah.org/.